There is no license information available for the latest version (v1.0.1) of this package.

Zend Framework 2 Module that provides protection for routes from anonymous access.

v1.0.1 2013-07-16 00:45 UTC


Version 1.0.1 created by Frank Hein and the mxc-commons team.

MxcRouteGuard is part of the maxence Open Source Initiative by by maxence business consulting gmbh, Germany.


MxcRouteGuard restricts access to routes for unauthenticated users. Out of the box MxcRouteGuard works with ZfcUser, however, alternative authentication services (such as Zend\Authentication\AuthenticationService) may be used as long as they provide a public function hasIdentity() returning bool. MxcRouteGuard is designed to be very simple and reasonably extendable.


Features / Goals

  • Allow/Deny access to application routes globally for anonymous users
  • Support for ZfcUser Registration Feature (automatically whitelist if enabled)
  • Support for ZfcUser redirect feature


Main Setup

By cloning project

  1. Clone this project into your ./vendor/ directory.

With composer

  1. Add this project in your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "mxc-commons/mxc-routeguard": "dev-master"
  2. Now tell composer to download MxcRouteGuard by running the command:

    $ php composer.phar update

Post installation

  1. Enabling it in your application.config.phpfile.

    return array(
        'modules' => array(
            // ...
        // ...


The MxcRouteGuard module has some options to allow you to quickly customize the basic functionality. After installing MxcRouteGuard, copy ./vendor/maxence/MxcRouteGuard/config/ to ./config/autoload/ and change the values as desired.

The following options are available:

  • auth_service - Name of Authentication Service class to use. Useful for using your own authentication service instead of the default ZfcUser. Default is zfcuser_auth_service.
  • guard_mode - Two modes (white, black) are provided to handle the observed routes list (see below). In whitelist mode all routes but the routes provided in the observed routes list are protected from anonymous access. In blacklist mode only the routes provided in the observed route list are protected from anonymous acceess. Default is white.
  • observed_routes - List of routes to protect from anonymous success (black mode) or allow to anonymous access (white mode). Default: array()
  • anonymous_redirect - If access gets blocked the anonymous user gets redirected to the route specified here. Note: The anonymous_redirect route automatically gets whitelisted regardless of the guard mode. Default: zfcuser/login
  • strategy - By default MxcRouteGuard redirects attempts to access protected routes by an anonymous user. If you want something else but a redirect to happen you may supply an alternative strategy here to handle anonymous access. Default: MxcRouteGuard\Service\Strategy\RedirectStrategy

ZfcUser support

If ZfcUser is used and the ZfcUser enable_registration flag is set true then MxcRouteGuard automatically whitelists zfcuser/register regardless of the guard mode.

In case a route gets blocked MxcRouteGuard applies a redirect parameter to the anonymous_redirect route which can be used by ZfcUser, if the use_redirect_parameter_if_present setting is set true.


For authenticated users MxcRouteGuard provides full access to all routes. If you need more detailled control of who can access what route, use ZfcRbac or BjyAuthorize or similar modules instead of MxcRouteGuard.

Common use cases for MxcRouteGuard are demo apps which only require a user to be known.


MxcRouteGuard is released under the New BSD License. See license.txt.