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FormEngine for MediaWiki

Provides a OOJS based form engine for MediaWiki.

This code is meant to be executed within the MediaWiki application context. No standalone usage is intended.

Use in a MediaWiki extension

Add "mwstake/mediawiki-component-formengine": "~2.0" to the require section of your composer.json file.

Since 2.0 explicit initialization is required. This can be achived by

  • either adding "callback": "mwsInitComponents" to your extension.json/skin.json
  • or calling mwsInitComponents(); within you extensions/skins custom callback method

See also mwstake/mediawiki-componentloader.

Available ResourceLoader modules

  • ext.forms.init
  • ext.forms.define
  • ext.forms.standalone
  • ext.forms.widgets
  • ext.forms.form.less

Requiring additional RL modules

Forms can sometimes use fields that are not loaded in the form package. To include those packages specify them in the definition

	"name": "MyForm",
	"rlDependencies": [ "my.module" ],
	"items": {...},

Inline validation

Validate functions can be declared on the widget definition, by using the validate key. This function is tricky as its called also from the context of the input, so no access to the form object is possible. If you need to use other elements from the form, use this syntax

	name: 'field1',
	label: 'My field',
	type: 'text',
	validate: function( val ) {
		var form = this;
		if ( typeof this.getForm === 'function' ) {
			form = this.getForm();
		if ( !( form instanceof mw.ext.forms.widget.Form ) ) {
			// No form context, we can return true here, as main validation on submit will kick in
			return true;
		// Return true/false...
		// Or return a promise