Provides an API for showing banners above the content of a page

2.0.5 2023-01-18 15:21 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-11 07:51:44 UTC


AlertBanners for MediaWiki

Provides an API for showing banners above the content of a page

This code is meant to be executed within the MediaWiki application context. No standalone usage is intended.

Use in a MediaWiki extension

Add "mwstake/mediawiki-component-alertbanners": "~2.0" to the require section of your composer.json file.

Since 2.0 explicit initialization is required. This can be achived by

  • either adding "callback": "mwsInitComponents" to your extension.json/skin.json
  • or calling mwsInitComponents(); within you extensions/skins custom callback method

See also mwstake/mediawiki-componentloader.

Implement a provider

Create a class that implements MWStake\MediaWiki\Component\AlertBanners\IAlertProvider. For convenience you may want to derive directly from the abstract base class MWStake\MediaWiki\Component\AlertBanners\AlertProviderBase

Register a provider

There are two ways to register a provider:

  1. Using the mwsgAlertBannersProviderRegistry GlobalVars configuraton
  2. Using the hook MWStakeAlertBannersRegisterProviders

On both cases a ObjectFactory specification must be provided.

Example 1: GlobalVars

$GLOBALS['mwsgAlertProviderRegistry']['my-own-provider'] = [
    'class' => '\\MediaWiki\Extension\\MyExt\\MyAlertProvider',
    'services' => 'MainConfig'

Example 2: Hookhandler

$GLOBALS['wgHooks']['MWStakeAlertBannersRegisterProviders'][] = function( &$providers ) {
    $providers["my-own-provider"] = [
        'class' => '\\MediaWiki\Extension\\MyExt\\MyAlertProvider',
        'services' => 'MainConfig'

Use in client code

Load mwstake.component.alertbanners ResourceLoader module.

Available methods:

  • mwstake.alerts.add( id: string, $elem: jQuery, type: string ): Inject a alert box
  • mwstake.alerts.remove( id: string ): Remove a alert box