Symfony2 Barcode Generator Bundle with Twig function extension

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SGKBarcodeBundle is the Symfony2 Barcode Generator Bundle what you want! This README is also available in French (Français) and Chinese (中文).


  1. Support 3 two-dimensional (2D) and 30 one-dimensional (1D) Barcode types
  2. Three output formats: HTML, PNG and SVG canvas
  3. Twig integration: you can simply use a extensional function of Twig in the template to generate Barcode
  4. Core of this bundle use this laravel project: dinesh/barcode



Add SGKBarcodeBundle by running the command:

// Symfony version < 2.7
$ php composer.phar require mwsimple/barcode-bundle:~1.0

// Symfony version >= 2.7
$ php composer.phar require mwsimple/barcode-bundle:~2.0

Or, add SGKBarcodeBundle to your composer.json, then execute php composer.phar update

// Symfony version < 2.7
"require": {
        "mwsimple/barcode-bundle": "~1.0"

// Symfony version >= 2.7
"require": {
        "mwsimple/barcode-bundle": "~2.0"

Composer will install the bundle to your project's vendor/sgk directory.

Then, Enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new SGK\BarcodeBundle\SGKBarcodeBundle(),

Generate options

To generate one barcode, you have 5 options can be configured.

option type required allowed values description
code string required what you want encoded
type string required Supported Types type of barcode
format string required html, svg, png output format
width integer optional width of unit
height integer optional height of unit
color string for html, svg / array for png optional HTML Color Names / array(R, G, B) barcode color

Default width and height for 2D barcode are 5, 5, for 1D are 2, 30. Default color for html, svg is black, for png is array(0, 0, 0)

Usage by service

The bundle registers one service: sgk_barcode.generator which will allows you to generate barcode:

  • outpout html
$options = array(
    'code'   => 'string to encode',
    'type'   => 'c128',
    'format' => 'html',

$barcode =
return new Response($barcode);
  • outpout svg
$options = array(
    'code'   => 'string to encode',
    'type'   => 'qrcode',
    'format' => 'svg',
    'width'  => 10,
    'height' => 10,
    'color'  => 'green',

$barcode =
return new Response($barcode);
  • outpout png
$options = array(
    'code'   => 'string to encode',
    'type'   => 'datamatrix',
    'format' => 'png',
    'width'  => 10,
    'height' => 10,
    'color'  => array(127, 127, 127),

$barcode =

return new Response('<img src="data:image/png;base64,'.$barcode.'" />');

For format png, the generator return the based64 of png file, so you can get the real data of png by base64_decode($barcode). Here we use Data URI scheme to direct display the png in webpage.

Usage in Twig template

This bundle extend one function of Twig: barcode which you can simply use it to generate barcode in the twig template.

barcode use the same options, only different thing is your need pass a Twig array (it looks really like Json, but it isn't) in the function.

  • display html
{{ barcode({code: 'string to encode', type: 'c128', format: 'html'}) }}
  • display svg
{{ barcode({code: 'string to encode', type: 'qrcode', format: 'svg', width: 10, height: 10, color: 'green'}) }}
  • display png
<img src="data:image/png;base64,
{{ barcode({code: 'string to encode', type: 'datamatrix', format: 'png', width: 10, height: 10, color: [127, 127, 127]}) }}
" />

Usage without service

use SGK\BarcodeBundle\Generator\Generator;
$options = array(
    'code'   => 'string to encode',
    'type'   => 'qrcode',
    'format' => 'html',

$generator = new Generator();
$barcode = $generator->generate($options);

return new Response($barcode);

Save Barcode in file

As you can see, the Bundle save nothing on the file system, But if you want to keep the barcode, No problem!

  • save as html
$savePath = '/tmp/';
$fileName = 'sample.html';

file_put_contents($savePath.$fileName, $barcode);
  • save as svg
$savePath = '/tmp/';
$fileName = 'sample.svg';

file_put_contents($savePath.$fileName, $barcode);
  • save as png
$savePath = '/tmp/';
$fileName = 'sample.png';

file_put_contents($savePath.$fileName, base64_decode($barcode));

Supported Barcode Types

Please read Wikipedia page to know which type you should choice.

2d barcodes

type Name Example(encode 123456)
qrcode QR code
pdf417 PDF417
datamatrix Data Matrix

1d barcodes

type Symbology Example(encode 123456)
c39 Code 39
c39+ Code 39 CHECK_DIGIT
c39e Code 39 EXTENDED
c93 Code 93
s25 Standard 2 of 5
s25+ Standard 2 of 5 CHECK_DIGIT
i25 Interleaved 2 of 5
i25+ Interleaved 2 of 5 CHECK_DIGIT
c128 Code 128
c128a Code 128A
c128b Code 128B
c128c Code 128C
ean2 EAN 2
ean5 EAN 5
ean8 EAN 8
ean13 EAN 13
upca UPC-A
upce UPC-B
msi MSI
postnet POSTNET
planet PLANET
rms4cc RMS4CC
kix KIX-code
imb IM barcode
codabar Codabar
code11 Code 11
pharma Pharmacode
pharma2t Pharmacode Two-Track


If there is some problem of requirements, make sure you have install these two extensions of PHP (check in your phpinfo()).

  • Barcodes requires GD and ImageMagick to create PNGs in PHP 5.3.
  • Barcodes requires PHP bcmath extension for Intelligent Mail barcodes


To execute unit tests:

$ phpunit --coverage-text