Universal auto-wiring factory for Laminas ServiceManager.

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Universal auto-wiring factory for Laminas ServiceManager.


Writing factories for Laminas ServiceManager can be boring, repeatable task. Typical service will consume one or more dependencies using constructor injection:

class Mailer
    public function __construct(MailTransportInterface $transport, MailRenderer $renderer)
      // ...

This is how factory is going to look like:

class MailerFactory
    public function __invoke(ContainerInterface $container)
        return new Mailer(

In typical application, you will end up with multiple factories that simply pull some services and create new object. ReflectionFactory can take care of this use case for you - it uses Reflection to scan parameter types in constructor and instantiates new object based on this information.


Install this package using Composer:

$ composer require mtymek/blast-reflection-factory


After installing this package, all you have to do is to tell ServiceManager to use ReflectionFactory to create your services.

For Laminas Mezzio application, configuration can look like this:

use Blast\ReflectionFactory\ReflectionFactory;

return [
    'dependencies' => [
        'factories' => [
            // use normal factory for classes that require complex instantiation 
            SmtpMailTransport::class => SmtpMailTransportFactory::class,
            // use ReflectionFactory for auto-wiring
            MailRenderer::class => ReflectionFactory::class,
            Mailer::class => ReflectionFactory::class,
        'aliases' => [
            MailTransportInterface::class => SmtpMailTransport::class,


Auto-wiring is expensive operation, so ReflectionFactory allows to store the result on disk to be reused later:


If you are using Zend Expressive Skeleton Application, then config/container.php would be a good place to enable this cache.

Warming-up cache

Cache file is automatically updated when a service is pulled from the container for the first time. This can lead to race conditions when your application is under heavy load. In order to avoid it, cache should be warmed up during deployment phase. The easiest way to do it is to go through all configured factories, pulling every service from the container.

Example script for applications based on Mezzio Skeleton:

// warmup-reflection-factory-cache.php

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

/** @var \Interop\Container\ContainerInterface $container */
$container = require 'config/container.php';

$config = require 'config/config.php';
foreach ($config['dependencies']['factories'] as $type => $factory) {


ReflectionFactory is only meant to be used in typical scenario, when all dependencies are injected using constructor. All of them must be type-hinted - otherwise ReflectionFactory won't be able to resolve them. Despite this limitation, this library should still let you reduce number of factories you have to write.

What is not supported (and won't be):

  • scalar value injection
  • setter injection