Packages up PHP packages into zips and phars

0.0.3 2015-09-02 05:18 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-25 11:00:52 UTC


Master of towns, burgers, and creating phars and zips for PHP applications.

This script can be used to:

  1. Easily create a staging directory for your package.
  2. Build a class-map autoloader of all of your PHP files.
  3. Create a zip file containing your project, its dependencies, and an autoloader.
  4. Create a phar file that contains all of your project's dependencies and registers an autoloader when it's loaded.

This project will likely never become more than a single file containing a single class, so feel free to just copy and paste that file into your project rather than pulling in a new dependency just for builds.


The following example demonstrates how Guzzle uses this project. For this example, assume this script is in guzzlehttp/src/build/.

Get Burgomaster

Before running your packaging script, you'll need a copy of Burgomaster. This can be done using composer (mtdowling/burgomaster) or just creating a Makefile that downloads the Burgomaster.php script.

First, create the following Makefile in your project's root directory:

package: burgomaster
    php build/packager.php

    mkdir -p build/artifacts
    curl -s > build/artifacts/Burgomaster.php


You can substitute the above URL to use a different tag than 0.0.1. Look at Burgomaster's releases for a list of available tags.

Create a packager.php script

Now you need to write a packager.php script, typically located in the build/ directory of a project. Here's what Guzzle's looks like.

require __DIR__ . '/artifacts/Burgomaster.php';

// Creating staging directory at guzzlehttp/src/build/artifacts/staging.
$stageDirectory = __DIR__ . '/artifacts/staging';
// The root of the project is up one directory from the current directory.
$projectRoot = __DIR__ . '/../';
$packager = new \Burgomaster($stageDirectory, $projectRoot);

// Copy basic files to the stage directory. Note that we have chdir'd onto
// the $projectRoot directory, so use relative paths.
foreach (['', 'LICENSE'] as $file) {
    $packager->deepCopy($file, $file);

// Copy each dependency to the staging directory. Copy *.php and *.pem files.
$packager->recursiveCopy('src', 'GuzzleHttp', ['php', 'pem']);
$packager->recursiveCopy('vendor/guzzlehttp/streams/src', 'GuzzleHttp/Stream');
// Create the classmap autoloader, and instruct the autoloader to
// automatically require the 'GuzzleHttp/functions.php' script.
// Create a phar file from the staging directory at a specific location
$packager->createPhar(__DIR__ . '/artifacts/guzzle.phar');
// Create a zip file from the staging directory at a specific location
$packager->createZip(__DIR__ . '/artifacts/');

As you can see, create a packager.php script is simply a series of actions taken that just uses Burgomaster to help with some common tasks like creating a staging directory, building an autoloader, creating a zip, and creating a phar.

make package

Now that you've made your packager.php script, just run the packge Makefile target from the command line.

make package

GitHub Releases

Now that you've got an easy way to package a release, you should setup your packaging script to be automatically built and deployed to GitHub releases using Travis-CI's GitHub releases deploy target so that a phar and zip is uploaded when you push a tag to your repository.