try to load translated content on fallback rules

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At the moment (TYPO3 v11) can not deliver translations on contentlevel. At the very moment a page is translated, you have to provide a contentelement for each transalation. The only fallback is the 0-element.

The fix - How the content fallback works

While these problem belongs to the basics how TYPO3 deals with translations, this approach is a workaround.

See section "Known Problem" for more ...

Asuming we have these translation

with the following content:

en de_DE de_CH es_ES es_MX
en0 de0 ch0 es0 mx0
en1 de1 es1 mx1(hidden)
en3(hidden) de3 ch3 es3 mx3

results in

en de_DE de_CH es_ES es_MX
en0 de0 ch0 es0 mx0
en1 de1 de1 es1
en2 en2 en2 en2 en2

only elements could be displayed which are displayed in language 0


  "repositories": [
      "type": "vcs",
      "url": ""
composer req mst/mst-contentfallback

Known problemes

  • To deliver content, the 0-language must be part of the fallbackchain.
  • workspaces are not tested
  • the baselanguage-concept itself