Magento2 module for catalog mode

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Magento 2 CatalogMode module

The extension allows you to enable catalog mode for a store view or website via admin panel. When in catalog mode, customers cannot purchase products but still can browse your products and add them to wishlist.

It is perfect for multilang websites which what to sell products only to a single country but allow customers to browse the inventory in their native language and purchase products in brick-and-mortar stores.


Via Composer

To install the extension using Composer use the following commands:

 composer require mslwk/module-catalog-mode
 php bin/magento module:enable MSlwk_CatalogMode
 php bin/magento setup:upgrade
From GitHub

You can download the extension directly from GitHub and put it inside app/code/MSlwk/CatalogMode directory. Then run the following commands:

php bin/magento module:enable MSlwk_CatalogMode
php bin/magento setup:upgrade


To enable Catalog Mode head to your administration panel and head to

Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog Mode -> Catalog Mode enabled

The section is protected using ACLs, so you might have to adjust your ACL configuration to change this setting.