This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Theme package for laravel 5

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dev-master 2020-06-24 10:22 UTC

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Important update

I'm no longer working on the project. If you want to continue this project contact me for a transfer!


Themer is a theme manager for laravel, which uses laravels build in view provider. This means that if you install this package your application still works, without any editions to your code.

Sure the current state of this package is 'bare bone', but I'm planing so much cool stuff this that your mouth will open!

Lets continue to the installation.


Well this is easy, open up your composer.json file. Then find the line that starts with "require": { in that array add:

"mrdejong/themer": "dev-master"

Done that? Run composer update

Let that do his work, when it is done we are going to do some hacky work!

You can close your composer.json file, and open up the app.php file located in [root]/app/config/app.php and look for this line of code:


You want to comment that line of code, since Themer's service provider extends from the ViewServiceProvider.

Now add the following line of code to the same array as the ViewServiceProvider


Congratulations! You have now successfully installed themer.

But wait, the configuration for themer!? Ahh, don't worry the default configuration is good to go, but sure you want to change thing here and there run the following command:

php artisan config:publish mrdejong/themer

Later on I will take on a tour threw the configuration file!


Since themer is in its early state of development, I'm going to add documentation as I go. For now I feel that you can go with this, the configuration file of themer is commented very well as I may say.


Thanks for reading this readme and ignore my rich mistakes in this language!

Have fun with themer, and watch out for new and super cool updates!


Since it is written in laravel, I will use the very same license. It is nonsense to use anything different.

Licensed under the Mit license