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PHP project.

0.1.0 2015-10-20 07:54 UTC

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Last update: 2021-05-24 03:10:24 UTC


Use Laravel classes in Contao CMS (WIP)

Installation via Composer

$ composer require mpociot/illuminate-contao



Important You need to copy the validation.php into this Contao directory:

TL_ROOT /system/lang/en/validation.php

use Mpociot\IlluminateContao\Validator;
$validator = Validator::make([], [
	"ean" => "required"
if( $validator->fails() )
	$errors = $validator->errors();

Eloquent / Database

use Mpociot\IlluminateContao\EncapsulatedEloquentBase;

class UserProfile extends EncapsulatedEloquentBase

	protected $table = "user_profile";

	public function user()
		return $this->belongsTo('User');


Running Tests

$ composer test


This library is licensed under the MIT license. Please see License file for more information.