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Simple Redis Message Queue

v1.0 2021-11-25 11:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-06-25 13:10:03 UTC


This is simple queue implementation using Redis lists with help of kdyby/redis.


Install with composer

composer require movisio/redis-queue

Nette service configuration

Add this to config.neon:

  - Movisio\RedisQueue\Factory

For more complex setup with directory or directory:subdirectory, use:

        factory: Movisio\RedisQueue\Factory
          - setNamespace("MyQueues") # directory
          - setNamespace("Directory:%redisNamespace%") # subdirectory from parameter


First, create factory. Skip this step if you are using Nette service.

/** @var \Kdyby\Redis\RedisClient $redisClient */

$factory = new \Movisio\RedisQueue\Factory($redisClient);
$factory->setNamespace("Queues:MyCustomQueues"); # optional

If using Nette service, inject Factory:

class MyPresenter {
    /** @var \Movisio\RedisQueue\Factory @inject */
    public \Movisio\RedisQueue\Factory $queueFactory;

Then create queue and push() messages into it. Return value is the new length of the queue.

$queue = $this->queueFactory->get("QueueName");
$queueLength = $queue->push("TestMessage");

For reading from queue, you can use wait() method which will remove and return the first value in queue, or block until one is available. Parameter is timeout in seconds, defaults to 30.

while (true) {
    $message = $queue->wait(30); // wait 30 seconds
    if (is_null($message)) {
        echo "queue is empty";
        continue; // or some fallback load from database
    echo "found message: " . $message;

If you want to check if queue is empty and do not wait for timeout, use pop() method which will remove and return the first value in queue.

$message = $queue->pop();
if (is_null($message)) {
    echo "Queue is empty";