Advanced security for the TYPO3 backend

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3.0.3 2023-08-02 06:39 UTC


An extension to specify secure password rules and force backend users to change their passwords, if the password is older then a defined limit.

In extension settings you can define:

  • Minimum number of capital characters
  • Minimum number of lowercase characters
  • Minimum number of digits
  • Minimum number of special characters
  • Minimum length of password
  • Maximum days before password must change

If a backend user logs in and his password needs to change, user will be logged out and redirected to comfortable password change form. After password was changed, the user will automatically logged in and can start his work in backend.

The password rules will also be checked when the user tries to change his password in user settings in backend.

Users imported from extension ig_ldap_sso_auth will be ignored.

Install and usage

  1. Basic install via composer
composer req "move-elevator/me-backend-security":"^3.0"
  1. Modify extension settings in TYPO3 backend
  2. Be safer :)


Run each command in the project root directory.

Execute PHPUnit tests

composer phpunit

Execute PHPCS checks

composer phpcs

Fix PHPCS issues

composer phpcs:fix

Execute PHPSTAN checks

composer phpstan

Execute all quality checks

composer php:validate



2023-07-31 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 3.0.3
Bugfix: Fix backend user generation handling via TYPO3 backend

2023-06-04 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 3.0.2
Bugfix: Fix extension dependency constraints
Bugfix: Fix MFA authentication loop
Feature: Update password reset login form template

2022-06-22 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 3.0.1
Bugfix: Fix FrontendBackendUserAuthentication issue which will break third-party extension ext_localconf.php files

2022-05-19 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 3.0.0
Feature: Add TYPO3 11 compatibility
Feature: PHP 8.0/ 8.1 compatibility
Feature: Drop TYPO3 9 and 10 support

2021-12-30 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.7
Feature: Add password validation rules to password reset form

2021-07-19 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.6
Bugfix: Fix broken language keys

2021-04-23 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.5
Feature: Add .gitattributes file
Feature: Add composer extension key
Bugfix: Add proper type casting for hooks

2020-12-17 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.4
Feature: Add typo3/cms-rsaauth as conflict

2020-12-09 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.3
Bugfix: Update PHP version constraint to include newer PHP7 versions

2020-11-06 - Ronny Hauptvogel

Release 2.0.2
Feature: TYPO3 10 compatibility
Feature: Allow new special characters to validator
Bugfix: Invalid password length with german umlauts

2019-05-03 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 2.0.1
Bugfix: PHP7 typehints for hooks

2019-04-08 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 2.0.0
Feature: TYPO3v9 compatibility

2018-08-06 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.1.4
Bugfix: Fix detection of existing accounts

2018-02-01 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.1.3
Bugfix: Validate that the old and new password are not the same in the user settings
Bugfix: Existing accounts no longer must change their password immediately after activating the extension
Feature: Allow new special characters to validator

2018-01-18 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.1.2
Bugfix: Fix redirect on non-ssl websites if password change is required

2018-01-10 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.1.1
Bugfix: Fix hook exception in frontend mode on active backend user login

2017-12-22 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.1.0
Feature: Optimized validator error messages
Feature: Validator for same passwords
Feature: Different Message for first password change

2017-12-04 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.0.4
Feature: Use internal database connection for TYPOv8 compatibility, remove database connection factory

2017-12-08 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.0.3
Bugfix: Optional port in database configuration

2017-12-08 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.0.2
Bugfix: Language service

2017-12-08 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.0.1
Bugfix: Extension configuration

2017-12-04 - Philipp Heckelt

Release 1.0.0


  • Blacklist for usernames like "admin"