This package contains the class to cascade the translation, default instance and the interface for fine ui.

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If you are not familiar with Fine, you should stop reading right now! Please get started with the main presentation.

Language detection is a PHP internationalisation package, it depends of translation-interface package. This package contains many class to return the selected language for internationalisation.

It's could be with :

  • Browser detection,
  • fix language,
  • data set in session,
  • a link between domain name and language
  • a cascading of many solutions.

The language can be used to translate message in fine or whatever.


Fine comes as a Composer package and requires the "Mouf" framework to run. The first step is therefore to install Mouf.

Once Mouf is installed, you can process to the Fine installation.

Install Fine

At the same time please add a translation store system link utils.i18n.fine.file-translator, or another. Edit your composer.json file, and add a dependency on mouf/utils.i18n.fine.common.

A minimal composer.json file might look like this:

	    "require": {
	        "mouf/mouf": "~2.0",
	        "mouf/utils.i18n.fine.common": "4.0.*"
	    "autoload": {
	        "psr-0": {
	            "Test": "src/"
	    "minimum-stability": "dev"

As explained above, Fine is a package of the Mouf framework. Mouf allows you (amoung other things) to visualy "build" your project's dependencies and instances.

To install the dependency, run

php composer.phar install

This package contains


The installer creates a default instance and automatically binds the translator.

###Default class

This package adds a fine cascading translator to bind many instances of TranslatorInterface. The first translation found is returned, also the next translation is checked. Edit the instance in Mouf to add or change the order in cascading translator.


There are 2 functions added to make translations easier:

  • iMsg function: Returns the translation of the key, parameters (in option) and LanguageDetection (in option)
  • eMsg function: Do an echo of iMsg

Read the documentation to use it


The interface EditTranslationInterface can be implemented to use the Mouf interface on the translator. Many new methods must be implemented to recover, save and edit a translation. Read the documentation


You can use this trait to implement some method of the interface.

Twig extension

This package contains the FineTwigExtension that will add the t filter to your Twig templates.

Use like this:

{{ "my_key"| t }}

Please notice that the FineTwigExtension is appended to your Mouf instances only if a twig instance is already available in Mouf. If this package was installed before the mouf/html.renderer.twig-exentensions package, you might need to re-run the installer to installer the extension.