PHP API Client to communicate with mosparo.

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PHP API Client

This library offers the API client to communicate with mosparo to verify a submission.


With this PHP library you can connect to a mosparo installation and verify the submitted data.


Install this library by using composer:

composer require mosparo/php-api-client


  1. Create a project in your mosparo installation
  2. Include the mosparo script in your form
<div id="mosparo-box"></div>

<script src="https://[URL]/build/mosparo-frontend.js" defer></script>
    var m;
    window.onload = function(){
        m = new mosparo('mosparo-box', 'https://[URL]', '[UUID]', '[PUBLIC_KEY]', {loadCssResource: true});
  1. Include the library in your project
composer require mosparo/php-api-client
  1. After the form was submitted, verify the data before processing it
require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

$client = new Mosparo\ApiClient\Client($url, $publicKey, $privateKey, ['verify' => false]);

$mosparoSubmitToken = $_POST['_mosparo_submitToken'];
$mosparoValidationToken = $_POST['_mosparo_validationToken'];

$result = $client->verifySubmission($_POST, $mosparoSubmitToken, $mosparoValidationToken);

if ($result->isSubmittable()) {
    // Send the email or process the data
} else {
    // Show error message

API Documentation


Client initialization

Create a new client object to use the API client.

 * @param string $url URL of the mosparo installation
 * @param string $publicKey Public key of the mosparo project
 * @param string $privateKey Private key of the mosparo project 
 * @param array $args Arguments for the Guzzle client
$client = new Mosparo\ApiClient\Client($url, $publicKey, $privateKey, $args);

Verify form data

To verify the form data, call verifySubmission with the form data in an array and the submit and validation tokens, which mosparo generated on the form initialization and the form data validation. The method will return a VerificationResult object.

 * @param array $formData Array with the form values. All not-processed fields by mosparo (hidden, checkbox, 
 *                        radio and so on) have to be removed from this array
 * @param string $mosparoSubmitToken Submit token which mosparo returned on the form initialization
 * @param string $mosparoValidationToken Validation token which mosparo returned after the form was validated
 * @return Mosparo\ApiClient\VerificationResult Returns a VerificationResult object with the response from mosparo
 * @throws \Mosparo\ApiClient\Exception Submit or validation token not available.
 * @throws \Mosparo\ApiClient\Exception An error occurred while sending the request to mosparo.
$result = $client->verifySubmission($formData, $mosparoSubmitToken, $mosparoValidationToken);



  • FIELD_NOT_VERIFIED: 'not-verified'
  • FIELD_VALID: 'valid'
  • FIELD_INVALID: 'invalid'

isSubmittable(): boolean

Returns true, if the form is submittable. This means that the verification was successful and the form data are valid.

isValid(): boolean

Returns true, if mosparo determined the form as valid. The difference to isSubmittable() is, that this is the original result from mosparo while isSubmittable() also checks if the verification was done correctly.

getVerifiedFields(): array (see Constants)

Returns an array with all verified field keys.

getVerifiedField($key): string (see Constants)

Returns the verification status of one field.

hasIssues(): boolean

Returns true, if there were verification issues.

getIssues(): array

Returns an array with all verification issues.