Add a settings panel to your Sylius.

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Settings for Sylius

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This plugin gives you the ability to have Plugins oriented settings in your favorite e-commerce platform, Sylius.

Screenshot of the admin panel in Settings section


Install the plugin via composer:

composer require monsieurbiz/sylius-settings-plugin
For the installation without flex, follow these additional steps

Change your config/bundles.php file to add this line for the plugin declaration:


return [
    MonsieurBiz\SyliusSettingsPlugin\MonsieurBizSyliusSettingsPlugin::class => ['all' => true],

Copy the plugin configuration files in your config folder:

cp -Rv vendor/monsieurbiz/sylius-settings-plugin/recipes/1.0-dev/config/ config

Update your database:

bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate

Continue to "How it works" to add your first setting for your store.

Note: you may encounter an error during the installation via composer if you let it run the scripts.
Copy the configuration files and rerun the composer require, it should work. This is due to the use of other plugins in the DI. The configuration is then required to run any console command.

How it works

As a good start you can have a look at:

Then you can get your settings using a twig function: setting().
Have a look at this example.

You can also use the DI to get your Settings, as example with the settings in the test Application app.default:

$ ./bin/console debug:container | grep app.settings.default
  MonsieurBiz\SyliusSettingsPlugin\Settings\Settings $defaultSettings                    alias for "app.settings.default"
  MonsieurBiz\SyliusSettingsPlugin\Settings\SettingsInterface $defaultSettings           alias for "app.settings.default"
  app.settings.default                                                                   MonsieurBiz\SyliusSettingsPlugin\Settings\Settings

Note: the "Settings" menu won't appear until you have at least one setting.

Fetch settings

use MonsieurBiz\SyliusSettingsPlugin\Provider\SettingsProviderInterface;

    private SettingsProviderInterface $settingsProvider;

    public function __construct(SettingsProviderInterface $settingsProvider)
            $this->settingsProvider = $settingsProvider;
    public function myAwesomeMethod()
        return $this->settingsProvider->getSettingValue('app.default', 'demo_message')


You can find a way to run the plugin without effort in the file

Then you can open an issue or a Pull Request if you want! 😘
Thank you!


This plugin is completely free and released under the MIT License.