Improve the admin login form in Sylius. Let's make it fancy! 🎉


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Admin Better Login

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This plugin changes the way you log to your admin panel by adding a beautiful background and focusing on the username (or password) field.

The backgrounds are from Unsplash.
Thank you to all the authors.


composer require monsieurbiz/sylius-admin-better-login-plugin

Then you have to declare it in your config/bundles.php:

return [
    // …
    MonsieurBiz\SyliusAdminBetterLoginPlugin\MonsieurBizSyliusAdminBetterLoginPlugin::class => ['all' => true],

You can copy the template of the login page as well, it's optional.
But we strongly suggest it, otherwise you won't be able to really enjoy the background 🙃.

mkdir -p templates/bundles/
cp -Rv vendor/monsieurbiz/sylius-admin-better-login-plugin/src/Resources/views/SyliusUiBundle templates/bundles/

How it works

When you load the login page we make a HTTP request to get a random image on Unsplash.
We keep the random image's URL in your local storage for the rest of the day.

If you don't like the image, there is a small button in the left footer of the page.

Change the theme of the images

You can do that! Simply change the default tags (nature and water) with your owns in your project configuration:

    tags: ['paris by night']




You can open an issue or a Pull Request if you want! 😘
Thank you!