Skeleton for Commerce module projects.

v1.1.7-pl 2020-05-20 12:15 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-29 02:07:27 UTC


This repository contains a skeleton for a Commerce module project. It is meant to be installed with composer.

mkdir my-project
composer create-project modmore/moduleskeleton my-project

The skeleton will automatically rename the various bits and pieces with the name of the directory you install it in. This will apply a few transforms.

  • For the name of directories, lexicons, etc, the directory name will be lowercased and in some places prefixed with commerce_.
  • For the name of the namespace, module, and other "friendly" places the project name is used, it breaks up the project name by -, uppercase the first letter of each part, and stick those together. (E.g. a directory named foo-bar will be turned into FooBar)

Included in the skeleton

  • A build to create a transport package (_build) with settings, the core folder, a requirements validator, and the package information from docs in the component directory. This build also includes proprietary code that enables it to be built by the package provider.
  • A bootstrap (_bootstrap/index.php) that can be used to swiftly set up namespaces, settings and other critical parts to get going.
  • Inside the core/components directory:
    • Package information files (in docs) with the license (MIT), changelog, and readme.
    • English lexicon stub with your project name.
    • Under model/schema, a sample xPDO package schema. If you use this, you'll find a script in /_build/build.schema.php to turn it into a model and (commented out) code in src/Modules/Projectname.php to load the package.
    • In src/Modules/Projectname.php a module, complete with basic methods filled out.
    • A composer.json file defining a PSR-4 autoloader for your namespace and project name. If you change this, run composer dump-autoload in the core/components/projectname/ directory to update the autoloader.

Happy building!