This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A simpler PHP code sniffer and fixer

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Last update: 2020-01-19 10:54:33 UTC


Simpler PHP code sniffer, built on top of PHP-CS-Fixer.

This project has been replaced by Pretty

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PHP-CS-Fixer can validate and fix the formatting of your code.

Sniff is a command that wraps php-cs-fixer to make it easier to use and configure.

It boils down to a simple .sniff.json file and 3 commands:

$ sniff validate

Validates that your code complies with your coding standard. Useful in CI to run on each pull request or commit.

$ sniff diff

Validates that your code complies with your coding standard and outputs the diff necessary to fix the errors. Useful to review the fixes before applying them.

$ sniff fix

Fix your code to make it compliant with your coding standard.


composer require mnapoli/sniff

You can then invoke the command with:

$ vendor/bin/sniff

You can also install it globally with Composer to be able to call it with sniff:

  • composer global require mnapoli/sniff
  • add the ~/.composer/bin path to your PATH


Sniff is configured using a .sniff.json file:

    "paths": [
    "rules": {
        "@PSR2": true
    "allow-risky": true
  • paths (mandatory): list of directories or files to analyze
  • rules (default: @PSR2): list of rules to enable (detailed below)
  • allow-risky (default: no): allows you to set whether risky rules may run (a risky rule is a rule which could change the code's behaviour)

The complete list of rules is detailed in PHP-CS-Fixer's documentation.

Below is an example that enables PSR-2 + Symfony's coding standard, along with a few custom options:

    "paths": [ ... ],
    "rules": {
        "@PSR2": true,
        "@Symfony": true,
        "array_syntax": {
            "syntax": "short"
        "blank_line_before_return": false


To run the tests:

$ composer tests


This project is only a small wrapper above PHP-CS-Fixer, a huge thanks to the contributors of that tool.

Sniff is heavily inspired from Coke, a nice wrapper for PHP Code Sniffer.


Sniff is licensed under the MIT license.