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This package is intended to improve speed of Laravel tests that needs to use migrations. In case you use Laravel's DatabaseMigrations trait (especially in Browser tests) you might be interested in using this package to save a lot of time.

Be aware this package doesn't improve speed of normal migrations you apply to database - it should be used only if have tests in your application and you want to improve their speed.


  1. Run

    composer require mnabialek/laravel-quick-migrations --dev

    in console to install this module (Notice --dev flag - it's recommended to use this package only for development).

  2. Run:

    php artisan vendor:publish

    and choose the number matching "Mnabialek\LaravelQuickMigrations\Providers\ServiceProvider" provider.

    By default you should not edit published file because all the settings are loaded from .env file by default.

    Depending on your needs you might add now into .env (or other env files used for tests):


    and customize it with your own values. Keep if mind if you set QUICK_MIGRATIONS_ENABLED you will automatically use default Laravel migrations again.

  3. Update all your tests where you use DatabaseMigrations trait with QuickDatabaseMigrations. You should add import line into those files too:

    use Mnabialek\LaravelQuickMigrations\QuickDatabaseMigrations;
  4. Run:

    php artisan migrate:fresh --database=selected_sql_connection

    into empty database. Of course as selected_sql_connection you should use connection you really use in your app (usually mysql or mysql_testing).

    Now you can manually dump structure of this database into single file (or use mysqldump) and save file as storage/tests/dump.sql (If you set custom value of QUICK_MIGRATIONS_DUMP_FILE in your env file then you should of course put it into your custom location)

  5. Run your tests and enjoy!


My test suite (real application) had 53 Laravel Dusk tests with 890 assertions running in Docker container. Database had 93 migrations.

Run DatabaseMigrations QuickDatabaseMigrations Difference
1st 24.7 min (28s/test) 8.29 min (9.4s/test) 16.41 min (2.98 times faster)
2nd 25.08 min (28.4s/test) 9.23 min (10.45s/test) 15.85 min (2.72 times faster)
3rd 24.37 min (27.57s/test) 7.92 min (8.97s/test) 16.45 min (3.08 times faster)

As you see in real-application scenario difference is quite impressive. Using modified trait makes tests running almost 3 times faster comparing to original tests.

Of course in your case results might be different. A lot of depends on migrations you have in your app - how long they take by default. For example assuming you have 100 tests using migrations and applying your migrations takes 10 seconds (for each test) and using your dump would take 6 seconds (for each test) then you would save 100 * 4 seconds that gives 6.66 minutes each time you are running your tests. As you see in my scenario difference was much bigger.


  • You need to manually update dump whenever you add/change migrations. But assuming you are using tests it might be really worth it to spend < 1 minute for dumping fresh migrations to save hundreds of minutes.
  • After running tests in your database you have data you created during your tests. From my point of view, if you are using database for tests only you should not care much about it. But of course you can create command that will always remove everything from your database after completing tests if you really need it.


Author of this package is Marcin Nabiałek and Contributors


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This package is licenced under the MIT license.