There is no license information available for the latest version (v0.1) of this package.

Wordpress Plugin Skeleton

v0.1 2013-10-21 09:53 UTC


Use this skelton to kickstart your Wordpress Plugin development.

It has a built-in Templating Engine (Twig) and a composer.json file to add some extra packages.

Install Composer

You need Composer to use this skeleton:

Install Skeleton

  1. Switch to your Wordpress Plugin folder in /wp-content/plugins/

  2. Use your installed composer to checkout this skeleton

    php composer.phar create-project mmdc/wp-plugin-skeleton [my-plugin-name]

    or using system-wide installed composer

    composer create-project mmdc/wp-plugin-skeleton [my-plugin-name]

  3. Happy coding!


  1. Activate the plugin in backend

  2. Use shortcodes (e.g. [mmdc_index_index]) in frontend to get some output


Feel free to change the following:

  • Name of the main plugin file: my_plugin.php
  • My default namespace MMDC. You could just do a Find&Replace on MMDC.


  • Use post-create-project-cmd event to rename namespace on installation