Twig extension where you can easily convert a datetime or timestamp to a distance of time in words.

v1.1 2014-02-20 13:53 UTC


This is a Twig extension for Symfony2 Framework where you can easily convert a datetime/timestamp to a distance of time in words.

By example

{{ user.lastLogin|ago }}

Output examples

half a minute ago
3 minutes ago
about 1 hour ago
Today at 04:14 AM
Yersterday at 17:36 PM
18 Feb at 3:26 PM
22 Dec 2013

Installation for Symfony2

  1. Update your composer.json
	"require": {
		"mkusher/time-ago-in-words": "dev-master"

or use composer's require command:

composer require mkusher/time-ago-in-words:1.*
  1. Register an Extension as a Service

Now you must let the Service Container know about your newly created Twig Extension:


# app/config/config.yml
		class: Mkusher\Twig\Extension\TimeAgoExtension
		arguments: [@translator, @sonata.intl.templating.helper.datetime]
		- { name: twig.extension }


# or into your bundle src\Acme\AcmeBundle\Resources\config\services.xml
<service id="mkusher.twig.time_ago" class="Mkusher\Twig\Extension\TimeAgoExtension">
	<tag name="twig.extension" />
	<argument type="service" id="translator" />
	<argument type="service" id="sonata.intl.templating.helper.datetime" />

And update your AppKernel.php:

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        // ...
        new Sonata\IntlBundle\SonataIntlBundle(),
        // ...

To configure SonataIntlBundle follow instructions


To display distance of time in words between a date and current date:

{{ message.created|ago }}

To display distance of time between two custom dates you should use

{{ message.created|distance_of_time_in_words(message.updated) }}

You also have two available options, for both ago & distance_of_time_in_words filters

  • include_seconds (boolean) if you need more detailed seconds approximations if time is less than a minute

Thus, if you don't want to have the seconds approximation, you should use:

{{ message.created|ago(false) }}


Add the following translations to your \app\Resources\translations\messages.locale.yml

This is a translation to spanish:

# Time ago in words - Twig Extension
less than %seconds seconds ago: hace menos de %seconds segundos
half a minute ago: hace medio minuto
less than a minute ago: hace menos de un minuto
1 minute ago: hace 1 minuto
%minutes minutes ago: hace %minutes minutos
about 1 hour ago: hace casi 1 hora
about %hours hours ago: hace %hours horas
today at %time: today at %time
yersterday at %time: yersterday at %time
%date at %time: %date at %time
%date: %date