Command-line utility to count project sources size, files count, lines count

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Command-line utility to measure project sources size, files count, lines count, characters count. You can exclude vendor libraries, binary files, generated code and so from scanning.

Our goal was to understand how many code characters, lines and pages were written by our own hands for various projects.


Just add it as usual composer dependency:

composer require mitoteam/mt-howmany

Or you can add dependency manually to your composer.json.


Tool installs standard composer binary to vendor/bin/mt-howmany. So you can run it by just calling it from shell:


or under Windows:


It looks for config in current directory. By default it scans currenct directory recursively, but you can set specific paths to scan in config. There are also bunch of options in config.

You can import config from other files with import option (for example to have some common parts between projects).

Take a look at sample config for details: mt-howmany.example.yml

For each file that is not ignored in config tool calculates lines count, file size and characters count (using symphony/string to deal with Unicode and multi-byte characters).

After scanning it prints table with gathered data and final total numbers for whole project.

You can add -v or -vv arguments to increase output verbosity.

-v add per-path statistics table (helps to understand what to exclude from scanning to left only code that is trully yours).

-vv additionally prints complete data for each file to understand even better where numbers are taken from.

--single option turns on 'single value mode'. Program will print just one value without any other output (if there are no errors). This is useful for CI, automation and so on. Possible option values: CHARS, LINES, PAGES. Example:

mt-howmany --single=LINES

Notes, bugreports, proposals and pull requests are always welcomed.

Output Example

mt-howmany by MiTo Team

Working directory: /www/
Config file loaded: /www/
Config file loaded: /www/

Results by file extension

 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------
  Type        Size     Characters   Files Count   Lines
 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------
  php         777Kb    782756       174           32225
  twig        50.0Kb   51145        26            1471
  scss        29.8Kb   30464        47            1886
  js          17.1Kb   17276        11            637
  yml         15.5Kb   15767        18            621
  sh          9.59Kb   9816         11            348
  po          3.69Kb   2965         1             164
  json        3.27Kb   3344         4             127
  module      3.10Kb   3176         2             131
  theme       3.06Kb   3133         2             123
  gitignore   2.23Kb   2280         2             82
  md          2.08Kb   1323         6             38
  txt         139      139          1             8
  htaccess    38       38           2             4
 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------


Types count: 14
Paths count: 67
Files count: 307
Size: 916Kb
Characters: 923622
Lines: 37865
Pages by Characters: 257
Pages by Lines: 1052