Composer compatible version of JpGraph library with PHP 8.1 support

10.1.1 2022-05-13 05:30 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-13 05:33:24 UTC


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Current JpGraph library version: 4.4.1

PHP versions support: from 5.5 to 8.1. Original notes about PHP versions.

Usage with composer

This package is a helper to load original JpGraph library after declaring it as your dependency in composer.json:

composer require mitoteam/jpgraph

Then you can load library from anywhere in your code:

use mitoteam\jpgraph\MtJpGraph;

// load library and modules
MtJpGraph::load();                # not really useful without modules
MtJpGraph::load('bar');           # load with single module
MtJpGraph::load(['bar', 'line']); # load with several modules

//using original JpGraph classes
$graph = new Graph(200, 300);

Usage WITHOUT composer

Download latest version archive from Releases page and unpack it. Since JpGraph v4.4.0 has native PHP 8.1 support, so this is almost the same as downloading it from

Version numbers

We started with version 4.3.5 as latest available library version in time we started. But we need to make some patches to original library (for example to support PHP 8.1). So we had to switch to own version numbers to be able to release updates.

At 2022-02-25 we decided to switch to version number 10.0.0 to leave some margin in numbering from original library v4.3.5.

Current version numbers:

  • Version 10.1.x of this package is latest version of JpGraph library with php 8.1 compatibility patches (latest code in "main" branch).
  • Version 4.4.x of this package provides latest version of original JpGraph library as-is without any compatibility patches (latest code in "original" branch).