This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Common code that is needed for all projects


A Zend Framework 2 module which currently does logging. The idea with this was to perhaps create a shared library that was needed across front-end,back-end,membrane. The requirements for the logger will built from this ticket in JIRA: Any update to this library means that you need to run composer for all three repos to update the logging for it.

There is a sample configuration file for the logger contained in this repo needs to be in the repo where you want logging. An example is here

'extractions' => array(0 => array('property' => 'response',
                                        'method_name' => 'getStatusCode',
                                        'method_values' => 'status_code'),
                             1 => array('property' => 'request',
                                        'method_name' => 'getServer',
                                        'method_values' => array(

The logger is configurable. There is a Extractor Class which has the request and response objects set on it. The configurations then can extract variables based on configuration.

property: Is either response or request.

method_name : the method to call on the property.

method_values : the method value to pass to the method.