Top Like Givers in the past month Widget.

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A Flarum extension. Top Like Givers in the past month Widget.

Why top like givers and not receivers? Simply because it's a statistic that no one bothers to consider as forum activity.

If we're honest, liking a post does count as much towards forum activity as the posts receiving those likes. It takes effort to smash that like button in a discussion!

You probably think I'm crazy and might pass up on installing this extension, but what if I told you that your users that go on liking sprees could like the fact that they are being noticed for actively reading your forum content? 😉

Besides, a liked post can mean that a user read some if not most of a forum post and could not offer a reply at the time (it relieves the pressure of feeling as if they NEED to reply).

Notes: Regarding the interval to when the widget statistics update, it will update every 10 minutes and will possibly be configurable in the future.

As for the widget itself, it is dependent on the "Search users" permission; so if guests aren't allowed to search for users on your forum, they won't be able to view this widget as well.


This will also install Forum Widgets Core as it relies on it.

Flarum Likes is also a required package.

Install with composer:

composer require miniflar/top-like-givers-widget:"*"


composer update miniflar/top-like-givers-widget:"*"
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear


Forum Widget

Top Like Givers Widget


An extension by miniFLAR.