Renders HTML pagers. Nothing else.

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How many times have I written pagers? Too many.

So here's a distilled abstract base-class for pagers, along with the two kinds of pagers I have used most frequently: one for <button> tags, and one for <a> tags.

Personally I like <button> pagers, which typically require no JavaScript - it can produce markup along the lines of this:

<button disabled="disabled">&laquo;</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="1" disabled="disabled" class="is-active">1</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="2">2</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="3">3</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="4">4</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="5">5</button>&nbsp;&#x22EF;&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="10">10</button>&nbsp;
<button name="page" value="2">&raquo;</button>

Your average everyday link pager produces markup like this:

<a href="#">&laquo;</a>&nbsp;
<a href="result.php?page=1" class="is-active">1</a>&nbsp;
<a href="result.php?page=2">2</a>&nbsp;
<a href="result.php?page=3">3</a>&nbsp;
<a href="result.php?page=2">&raquo;</a>

The markup in both cases is pretty minimal - I didn't want a bunch of configurable CSS class-names, a container div, or boatloads of other options, but deriving your own custom pager-classes should be pretty painless. (No guarantees, I said it should be.)