Type-hinted event facility for PHP

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This is simple event sink (pub/sub) facility for PHP 5.3+ which attempts to improve on the performance and robustness of event facilities in general.

See "example.php" in the root-folder for an example of how to use this class.

By using type-hinted closures for event types (classes) as opposed to arbitrary strings (event names) or literal class names or function names as strings, the robustness is greatly improved - a modern IDE (such as Php Storm) can perform meaningful inspections, code can be safely refactored, and you can more easily navigate the code base e.g. by following real, static type-hints.

A means of optimizing performance is provided, by permitting the use of "proxy" functions for initialization of events to be submitted - loading and constructing an event object can be done conditionally, by "short circuiting" the event when no listeners for that type of event have been registered.