Complements the PHP reflection API with the missing ReflectionFile class

1.2.1 2015-06-17 16:00 UTC

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This library complements the PHP reflection API with the missing ReflectionFile class.

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A few other libraries were available to do this already, but this one implements an important feature missing from other implementations I could find: resolution of local type-names according to the name resolution rules.

The interface is very simple:

ReflectionFile {

    public __construct( string $path )

    public string getPath ( void )
    public string getNamespaceName ( void )
    public string resolveName ( string $name )
    public ReflectionClass getClass ( string $name )
    public ReflectionClass[] getClasses ( void )


Usage of course is straight forward too:

use mindplay\filereflection\ReflectionFile;

$file = new ReflectionFile('/path/to/MyNamespace/MyClass.php');

var_dump($file->resolveName('MyOtherClass')); // => '\MyNamespace\MyOtherClass'

Note that this library currently omits reflection/enumeration of functions, constants, etc.