A JS based flash messenger for Silverstripe

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Milkyway Multimedia - Silverstripe Core Extensions

This is a bit special to use, to add area specific pages you have to prepend your calls with the area you would like to add it to. For example:

    singleton('message')->cms()->add('Yay! My pretty messages');

If you want to add more, you can chain but you always must prepend the area.

    singleton('message')->cms()->info('Yay! My pretty messages')->cms()->error('A bad message');
  • Add a global message singleton('message')->add($content, $level, $timeout, $priority, $dismissable, $area)
  • Add a global message by array (you can add an id if you use this method) singleton('message')->add($params)
  • Growl example singleton('message')->cms()->note('grrr...')
  • Remove a global message singleton('message')->remove($content, $level, $area)
  • Remove a global message by array (you can remove by id if you use this method) singleton('message')->remove($params)
  • Add a link to call before displaying notifications (for calls to APIs) singleton('message')->before($link)
  • Force load CSS & JS for certain area (for API based messages) singleton('message')->style($area)

Available areas

Areas are mapped to controllers. The following areas are available:

  • cms: Will add a global message to the CMS
  • page: Will add a global message to any Page
  • form: Will add a global message during a form request
  • global: Add a global message

By default the cms area is used. Any other value will add a message to any controller. So you can use ->global() to add a global message.

Available levels

  • info
  • success
  • error
  • warning
  • modal: Show a message modal, this will attempt to either use a bootstrap modal, jquery ui modal, vex alert or javascript alert (ordered by priority)
  • note: Show a growl notification, this will attempt to either use a Messenger, vex alert, CMS notification or javascript alert (ordered by priority)


Once a notification is dismissed, it will not be shown for the current session. To disable this, you must inject the NullBlocker into the Notifier class, as below:

          BlocksNotifications: '%$Milkyway\SS\FlashMessage\NullBlocker'

You can create your own implementation, but you must implement the Milkyway\SS\FlashMessage\Contracts\BlocksNotifications interface and inject it as above. An example would be a Cookie blocker, or a class that blocks based on area.

How it works

This messaging system is javascript based. It should work on most controllers as long as it accesses Silverstripe requirements.


Add the following to your composer.json file

    "require"          : {
		"milkyway-multimedia/ss-mwm-flashmessage": "dev-master"


  • MIT


  • Version 0.1 (Alpha)


Mellisa Hankins