Dot notation access of configuration, as well as overrides via $_ENV

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Dot notation access of configuration, as well as overrides via $_ENV (environment variables)


This is the new way to access configuration. Instead of using Config::inst()->get('Email', 'admin_email') you can now use singleton('env')->get('Email.admin_email'). But that is not its real feature.


  1. Access deep array configuration: singleton('env')->get('Email.site_emails.staff')
  2. Override configuration using $_ENV variables, good for when you are developing locally
  3. Use configuration fallbacks: singleton('env')->get('FacebookPage|Facebook.admin_id')
    • Will check FacebookPage, and then check Facebook
  4. Add callbacks to check in between namespaces
  5. Cached


For development, you can use a .env.php file to override variables, but it requires some manual installation.

You need to install the package: vlucas/phpdotenv via composer.json, and then follow the instructions in that package.

If you want the environment to work, you should add the following to your ss_environment.php:

   require_once BASE_PATH . '/mwm-env/code/dev/Environment.php';


Add the following to your composer.json file

    "require"          : {
		"milkyway-multimedia/ss-mwm-env": "~0.3"


  • MIT


  • Version 0.3 (Alpha)


Mellisa Hankins