Some basic utilities used across multiple Milkyway Multimedia modules

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dev-master / 0.3.x-dev 2016-04-01 20:39 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-01-10 16:23:58 UTC



  • New utility methods to use across your projects
  • Allow uploads in UploadField
  • Tabs can be loaded from URL hashes
    • You can also link to tabs if your link has the class: ss-tabset-goto
  • New context menu options for your SiteTree
    • Publish Record
    • Unpublish Record
    • Delete permanently
  • Allow cookie_path and cookie_domain to be set for Cookies

Additional methods included on extensions

  • Controller
    • ->BackLink
    • ->displayNiceView(): Display this controller in a pretty website style page
    • ->respondToFormAppropriately(): Either return a json encoded response or a redirect when not in an ajax request
  • DataObject
    • ->i18n_description()
    • ->firstOrMake($filter = [], $additionalData = [], $write = true): Get matching record, or make if it doesnt exist
    • ->is_a($class): for templates
    • ->is_not_a($class): for templates
    • ->InheritedObj($fieldName): Get an inherited object (dot notation allowed). It will check the following:
      1. Cache
      2. Method on current object
      3. If object has parent method (or extends @Hierarchy), it will check the parents
      4. Check home page if it exists
      5. Check SiteConfig if it exists
  • DBField: This has quite a few new methods, check the phpdoc for more info
  • Member:
    • ->canAccessCMS()


This extends Director and has a few utility methods related to dealing with the SiteTree and Controllers, and adds some new template globals

  • secureBaseURL
  • nonSecureBaseURL
  • baseWebsiteURL - The url without the protocol or www, the pretty url
  • protocol
  • homePage
  • isHomePage($page = SiteTree|int)
  • adminLink
  • siteConfig


Some utility methods to deal with some stuff I could not do with vanilla Silverstripe, and also adds some new template globals

  • canAccessCMS
  • canEditCurrentPage
  • appDir
  • is($type = string)


Add the following to your composer.json file

    "require"          : {
		"milkyway-multimedia/ss-mwm-core": "dev-master"


  • MIT


  • Version 0.3 (Alpha)


Mellisa Hankins