A collection of GridField components that you can use with any GridField, including Editable Rows and amy more

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0.4 2017-05-30 05:18 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-17 13:34:14 UTC


GridField Utilities are a collection of GridField components that you can use with any GridField.

Includes the following (note they all live in the namespace Milkyway\SS\GridFieldUtils):

  • AddNewInlineExtended: A more complex version of GridFieldAddNewInlineButton, allowing you to set custom fields, rather than copying GridFieldEditableColumns (defaults to this behaviour)
  • EditableRow: adds an expandable form to each row in the GridField, allowing you to edit records directly from the GridField.
  • HasOneSelector: Allow you to select a has one relation from the current GridField
  • AddExistingPicker: Works exactly like the one in gridfieldextensions, except it allows you to add more before closing the window - allowing for a faster workflow (requires silverstripe-australia/gridfieldextensions)
  • MinorActionsHolder: Defines a new fragment that will holds SS UI buttons as a dropdown (not touch friendly)
  • AddNewModal: Opens up the detail form in a modal window
  • FormatSwitcher: Allows you to switch between different GridField formats
  • RangeSlider: Filter your GridField using a slider, for a more user-friendly option for viewing lots of records
  • HelpButton: Add a help button to your GridField that you can supply content for (will open a modal dialog)
  • SaveAllButton: Will execute all components on the GridField that implement the GridField_SaveHandler (for use in ModelAdmin where there is no save button)
  • DisplayAsTimeline: Will change the display of your GridField to a timeline (probably not be compatible with custom GridField Components, but compatible with framework GridField Components)
  • GridFieldDetailForm: Works exactly the same as the standard GridFieldDetailForm, with ability to change the url segment (hence having multiple GridFieldDetailForms on the one GridField)
  • GridFieldAddNewButton: An add button for the above GridFieldDetailForm


  • The DisplayAsTimeline component is very hacky at this stage, due to the lack of support for templates in GridField. It has only been tested in Google Chrome
  • The SaveAllButton will be VERY slow when your objects are versioned and there are many of them
  • A deep nested EditableRow will be very slow, since it has many request handlers to access, but not much I can do about this behaviour...

Additional notes

You will need to install the milkyway-multimedia/ss-mwm-formfields module to use the RangeSlider component.



Add the following to your composer.json file

    "require"          : {
		"milkyway-multimedia/ss-gridfield-utils": "0.4"

Suggested Packages


  • ajshort: He did most of the coding of GridFieldExtensions, which I borrowed for the more complex versions in this module
  • silverstripe-australia: They now look after the GridFieldExtensions module, and have done some updates which I have probably borrowed


  • Screenshots!!
  • Make MinorActionsHolder touch friendly
  • Get DisplayAsTimeline to work with sorting (just in case)
  • Make RangeSlider work with Date Range Fields / Any Range Fields
  • Test RangeSlider more


  • MIT


  • Version 0.4 (Alpha)


Milkyway Multimedia