A package for core activity within laravel projects


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This is a package for core activity within laravel projects. This is a work in progress and as such documentation is considered a work in progress and not necessarily as up-to-date as the author would like.

This package contains;


This package requires PHP 8.1+ and has a Laravel Service Provider, which is auto-registered.

To install through composer include the package in your composer.json.

"midnite81/core": "^2.0"

Run composer install or composer update to download the dependencies, or you can run;

composer require midnite81/core

Service Providers

By default, Midnite81\Core\CoreServiceProvider is automatically registered by laravel, unless you've actively turned off auto registration in your application. Midnite81\Core ships with an additional service provider to enable the Commands which come with this package. To install this (or both if needed), you need to add them to your config/app.php

'providers' => [
//  ...
    \Midnite81\Core\CoreServiceProvider::class, // this is auto installed
//  ...

Configuration files

You may wish to publish the configuration file if you're planning on using the FireScriptCommand or QuickFireScriptCommand

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Midnite81\Core\CoreServiceProvider"

You're all set!

You're now all set to use midnite81/core. If you have any suggestions please me know or log any issues in the issue section.