Make user-filled EmailFields available as recipient to/reply-to address in UserForms

dev-master 2016-06-24 15:09 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-24 20:57:11 UTC


This module makes EmailFields defined in a userform available to select as To: or Reply-to: when defining recipients on the form. E.g. for sending out a simple "Thank you for your enquiry" reply.


$ composer require micschk/silverstripe-userforms_send-to-emailfield dev-master

Optional: plain e-mail tempalte

This module contains a simple SubmittedFormEmail template without the

tags, which may cause layout issues in some clients. If you want to use this instead of the default userforms template, copy the email directory into your theme.


This functionality was part of UserForms earlier but was removed because it creates a potential 'open relay' situation, e.g. a spammer could potentially craft requests to your form and make it send out e-mail confirmations to people/addresses that have not actually submitted your form.

My personal opinion is that there are easier ways to get your spam e-mails out the door. And especially when not including any submitted data in the confirmation mails, it doesn't make much sense for a spammer to spend time on this. On the other hand, you never know what reasons anyone may have for still doing so.

This situation (auto-sending confirmation mails) is however pretty common practice. Combined with SilverStripes form-session security, I think the benefits outweigh the potential for abuse. You may want to keep a log/tabs on it though.

Also see: silverstripe/silverstripe-userforms#333 (comment)