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Local commands

Shorty is created to make it easy to create shortcuts to commands. Just run for example:

shorty add symfony bin/console

Now you have the symfony command available globally. When you switch to another folder, the symfony command will still work and be executed in the folder where you added the Shorty command.

Global commands

You can also add global commands. Shorty will search for this command in all underlying folders. So for example, when running:

shorty global symfony bin/console

You can then execute the symfony command in any folder within your Symfony project. So when you are in config/packages/dev for example, you can run:

symfony server:run

And the server will be started. This will work for any Symfony project.

How to add Laravel's Artisan?

When installing Laravel on the recommended way, the artisan file is not executable. This prevents Shorty from running it in the default way. That's why you need to provide it with the interpreter is needs. You can add the artisan command to Shorty like this:

shorty global artisan artisan --interpreter=$(which php)


Shorty is meant to be installed global using Composer:

composer global require michielgerritsen/shorty

The fix command

Sometimes you mess up your global Composer folder and the commands won't work anymore. You can use the fix command to remove and reinstall all commands.

shorty fix


  • tests - tests - tests.
  • Default configuration for software like Laravel/Symfony/Magento/etc.
  • Add your own suggestion by opening an issue or sending a pull request.

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