Ready to go Laravel Dusk components for your Magento 2 store to automated tests against them

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Q: What is Laravel Dusk?

A: Laravel Dusk is created to write end-to-end tests for your application. This means that when running your test, an actual Chrome browser is started which you can give instructions. Click on a link, fill in fields and submit a form.

Q: Huh, Laravel is a framework, what has it to do with Magento?

A: Nothing, but Laravel Dusk is capable to visit any site that is accessible from the machine it runs on.

Q: So how do i use this?

A: You need a full Laravel setup. But where do you install this? There are a few options:

  • Install it in a seperate directory next to Magento

    Your folder structure would look like this:


    • my-magento2-store
    • my-laravel-dusk-project

    This is the cleanest way, but it may be a bit hard to maintain the code as it typically requires 2 code bases.

  • Install it into the Magento directory

    Go to your Magento folder and run laravel new end-to-end-tests.

  • Install a standalone Laravel Dusk version in Magento 2

    I haven't tried this, but in theory it could work: https://duncan3dc.github.io/dusk/

Q: So how does the test looks like?

A: When your Laravel install is ready to go, the next thing to do is install Laravel Dusk in your Laravel project:

composer require laravel/dusk

Create the file test/Browser/OrderTest.php with this contents:

namespace Tests\Browser;

use ControlAltDelete\DuskForMagento2\DataObjects\Address;
use ControlAltDelete\DuskForMagento2\Actions\AddSimpleProductToCart;
use ControlAltDelete\DuskForMagento2\Actions\FillShippingAddress;
use ControlAltDelete\DuskForMagento2\PaymentMethod\MoneyOrder;
use Tests\DuskTestCase;
use Laravel\Dusk\Browser;

class OrderProductsTest extends DuskTestCase
    protected function baseUrl()
        return 'http://my-super-cool-project.test';

    public function testOrderProducts()
        $this->browse(function (Browser $browser) {

            $browser->visit(new AddSimpleProductToCart('/fusion-backpack.html', 'Fusion Backpack'))->addToCart(2);
            $browser->visit(new AddSimpleProductToCart('/push-it-messenger-bag.html', 'Push It Messenger Bag'))->addToCart(3);


            $address = new Address(
                'michiel@controlaltdelete.nl', // E-mail
                'Michiel', // Firstname
                'Gerritsen', // Lastname
                ['Simonszand 69'], // Array of streetlines
                'Hoofddorp', // City
                '2134ZX', // Postcode
                'NL', // Country id
                '0031623925470' // Postcode

            $browser->visit(new FillShippingAddress())->fillShippingAddress($address);



            $browser->on(new MoneyOrder())->placeOrder();

            $browser->assertSee('Thank you for your purchase!');

And run:

php artisan dusk

When there is a successful test, check your orders. There should be a new one.

Q: My test fails, what to do?

A: There are a few thing:

  • For starters, try it a few times. There are a few functions in there that might have a smaller timeout than the average Magento installation requires to warm up it's caches. So it might well be the case that when you try it a few times all caches get warmed up and your test succeeds.
  • If that doesn't help, check the screenshot. Everytime a test fails, Dusk will create a screenshot in tests/Browser/screenshots. It also tries to give you a hint on wat went wrong, a missing element for example.
  • This code is written on a stock Magento 2 installation, so there might be some changes in your installation, elements with a different name for example. Try to tweak it here and there.


This is mainly created as a proof of concept. It works in my environment, but there is a decent change it doesn't work right away in yours. Feel free to open an issue or pull request to improve these components. This code is tested on a stock Magento 2.2.6 and 2.3.0 with sample data.

Components overview


Add a simple product to you shopping cart with the optional given quantity. It verifies that the product is added to the cart.


$browser->visit(new AddSimpleProductToCart($relativeUrl, $name))->addToCart($quantity = null);
$browser->visit(new AddSimpleProductToCart('/fusion-backpack.html', 'Fusion Backpack'))->addToCart(2);

When you enter a quantity it is required to have the quantity field enable on the product page. You can repeat this with different products to create shopping cart with differen items in them.


Add a bundle product to you shopping cart with the optional given quantity. It verifies that the product is added to the cart.


$optionList = new BundleOptionList([
    new BundleOption(5, 9),
    new BundleOption(6, 13),

$browser->visit(new AddBundleProductToCart($relativeUrl, $name))->addToCart($optionList, $quantity = null);
$browser->visit(new AddBundleProductToCart('/fusion-backpack.html', 'Fusion Backpack'))->addToCart($optionList, 2);

The IDs refer to the ID of the dropdown, and the ID of the option in the dropdown.


Navigate to the checkout and fill the shipping address. It is required to provide an \ControlAltDelete\DuskForMagento2\DataObjects\Address object.


$browser->visit(new FillShippingAddress())->fillShippingAddress($address);


This selects the moneyorder payment method and clicks the Place order button.


$browser->on(new MoneyOrder())->placeOrder();


Login on the admin panel.


$browser->visit(new AdminLogin($frontName))->fillForm($username, $password);
$browser->visit(new AdminLogin('my-custom-frontname'))->fillForm('my-username', 'my-password');


Navigate to a configuration group. Note: The capitalization is important here. Payment methods will fail, while Payment Methods will succeed.


$browser->on(new NavigateToConfigurationGroup)->open($tab', $name);
$browser->on(new NavigateToConfigurationGroup)->open('Sales', 'Payment Methods');