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Webunit is a command line client for automated web application tests.


  • PHP >= 7.1

Install with Composer

$ composer require michaelhall/webunit

Basic usage

The webunit client requires a file in text format, containing the tests to run. Pass the name of this file as a command line parameter:

$ webunit testfile

The tests in the test file consists of one or more test cases. Every test case starts with a command. The most basic test case is just a command, e.g.

get https://example.org/

This test will be successful if the Url https://example.org/ is functional and does not return an error or redirect status code. Otherwise the test will fail.

A test case can also contain specific assertions:

get https://example.org/
assert-contains Example

Comments and whitespaces can be used to format the test file:

# This is a comment.
get                    https://example.org/
assert-contains        Example

# Another test case.
get                    https://example.org/foobar
assert-status-code     404

Some of the assertions can be modified with modifier characters:

get                    https://example.org/

# The "!" modifier negates the assertion.
# This assertion will pass if the returned status code is not 404
assert-status-code!    404

# The "^" modifier makes the assertion case insensitive.
# This assertion will pass if result contains "Example", "EXAMPLE", "eXaMpLe" etc.
assert-contains^       example

# The "~" modifier evaluates the assertion as a regular expression.
# This assertion will pass if result contains "Example" or "example".
assert-contains~       [Ee]xample

# Modifiers can be combined.
# This assertion will fail if result contains "FooBar", "foobar" etc.
assert-contains!^      foobar


get url

Fetches a Url via a GET request.

get https://example.org/


assert-contains content

Asserts that the content of the result contains the specified content. Allowed modifiers are !, ^, ~

assert-contains Foo


Asserts that the content of the result is empty. Allowed modifier is !


assert-equals content

Asserts that the content of the result is the same as the specified content. Allowed modifiers are !, ^, ~

assert-equals Foo

assert-header header-name[: header-value]

Asserts that the result contains a header with the specified name and an optional value. Allowed modifiers are !, ^, ~

assert-header Location
assert-header Location: https://example.com/

Note: The header name is always case insensitive.

assert-status-code status-code

Asserts that the status code of the result is the same as the specified status code. Allowed modifier is !

Note: This assert must be present for test a to pass if the result has a status code other than 200-299.

assert-status-code 301