A PHP client to interface with the Robinhood trading platform.

v1.1.5 2020-08-12 14:58 UTC


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A PHP library to interact with the unofficial Robinhood API. Happy trading!

Use at your own risk!

$robinhoodUsername    = 'some@email.com';
$robinhoodPassword    = '12345';
$robinhoodDeviceToken = 'someuuid'; // Open your web browser's inspector and examine the XHR POST request to /token. The value in the device_token param goes here.
$robinhood            = new Robinhood();
$robinhood->login( $robinhoodUsername, $robinhoodPassword, $robinhoodDeviceToken );
$quotes               = $robinhood->quotesForTickers( [ 'AAPL', 'MSFT' ] );

Most of the functionality is available as public methods in the Robinhood object.

The code is pretty straight forward, but I might add documentation here at some point in the future.