A Psalm plugin to generate the output in a formatted html table.

1.0.0 2024-03-24 17:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-27 19:19:29 UTC


An html report plugin for Psalm v5.0+.


composer require --dev michaelcozzolino/psalm-html-report
vendor/bin/psalm-plugin enable MichaelCozzolino\PsalmHtmlReport\Plugin


While enabled, the plugin will generate an html report file named report.html every time Psalm is run without the --report command-line option.


The default output file is report.html in the current working directory. To change this, edit the plugin's settings in psalm.xml or psalm.xml.dist to add an outputFilepath element. All paths are relative to the current working directory. Be aware that in order for the plugin to work, the specified output directory must exist.

    <pluginClass class="MichaelCozzolino\PsalmHtmlReport\Plugin">

The report will not be written if another report is being requested with the --report command-line option.

If the command-line option --show-info is set, then the info level messages will also be added to the report.