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1.0.4 2023-12-07 17:56 UTC

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Lenient with it, Drupal 10 with it.


The Drupal community introduced a lenient Composer facade that modified the drupal/core constraint for packages. This was done to remove a barrier with getting extensions installed via Composer to work on making modules Drupal 9 ready.

We hit the same problem, again. At DrupalCon Portland we sat down and decided a Composer plugin is the best approach.

See Add a composer plugin that supports 'composer require-lenient' to support major version transitions


This subscribes to PluginEvents::PRE_POOL_CREATE and filters packages. This is inspired by symfony/flex, but it does not filter out packages. It rewrites the drupal/core constraint on any package with a type of drupal-*, excluding drupal-core. The constraint is set to '^8 || ^9 || ^10 || ^11' for drupal/core.

Try it

Setup a fresh Drupal 10 site with this plugin (remember to press y for the new allow-plugins prompt.)

composer create-project drupal/recommended-project:^10@alpha d10
cd d10
composer config minimum-stability dev
composer require mglaman/composer-drupal-lenient

The plugin only works against specified packages. To allow a package to have a lenient Drupal core version constraint, you must add it to extra.drupal-lenient.allowed-list. The following is an example to add Token via the command line with composer config

composer config --merge --json extra.drupal-lenient.allowed-list '["drupal/token"]'

Now, add a module that does not have a D10 compatible release!

composer require drupal/token:1.10.0

🥳 Now you can use cweagans/composer-patches to patch the module for Drupal 10 compatibility!

Support when composer.lock removed

This plugin must be installed globally if your project's composer.lock file is removed.

composer global config --no-plugins allow-plugins.mglaman/composer-drupal-lenient true
composer global require mglaman/composer-drupal-lenient

Warning: this means the plugin will run on all Composer commands. This is not recommended, but it is the only way the plugin can work when composer.lock is removed.