Clean, fluent interface for the preg_* functions. Elegant object oriented regular expression creation and processing.

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A library that abstracts the preg_* function family with syntactic sugar, simplicity, and consistency so you can stay up with [the haps on the craps](,'Ice Cube - Today Was a Good Day').


  • Lean, easy to read syntax
  • Fluent interfaces
use RegSexy\RegEx;

$subject = 'Cats are pretty funny I love, that, what is called… "ICanHasCheezburger?"!, '
         . 'is pretty great… but *really* I\'m more of a dog person. Got 2 little Chihuahuas at home!';

    RegEx::make( '(Chihuahua|Dachsund|Corgi)s' )
        ->match( $subject )

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