This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Add a configurable captcha to the backend login after a give amount of failed login tries

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5.0.2 2021-03-10 12:14 UTC

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This extension adds a configurable captcha to the backend login after a give amount of failed login tries.


Since TYPO3 Version 11 does have an internal rate limit system, we have decided to abandon the development of this extension for TYPO3 Version 11 and beyond.

1. Features

  • Configurable captcha for backend login

2. Usage

1) Installation

Composer installations

For TYPO3 v10

composer require mfc/mfc-belogin-captcha ^5.0.0

For TYPO3 v9 use the 4.x tags and branch

composer require mfc/mfc-belogin-captcha ^4.1.0

3) Configure the extension

The extensions needs to be configured in the admin tools extensions.

Name Description Default
failedTries Failed logins before captcha gets rendered 5
api_server reCAPTCHA API-server address
verify_server reCAPTCHA VERIFY-server address
public_key reCAPTCHA public key
private_key reCAPTCHA private key
lang reCAPTCHA language

If no public_key and private_key are set, the configuration of the extension "recaptcha" will be used automatically. When there is no public_key and private_key configured in both extensions, no captcha will be displayed.

3. License

mfc/mfc-belogin-captcha is released under the terms of the MIT License.