Maintenance page, pretty and simple.

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Easy to setup maintenance page.


composer require mesavolt/five-oh-three


In your app's entry point (something like public/app.php or web/app.php), add these lines before the code that should only run if the lock file is not present :

// replace the `use` line with this if you don't use Composer's autoloader
// require __DIR__.'/../vendor/mesavolt/five-oh-three/src/LockGuard.php';
use Mesavolt\FiveOhThree\LockGuard;


Before deploying your application, create a deploying.lock file in your project's root directory. Remove it once your app can go live:


# Create the lock file
touch deploying.lock

# Here goes your usual deployment steps
export SYMFONY_ENV=prod
composer -n --ansi --no-dev install --optimize-autoloader
bin/console --ansi -n --env=prod cache:clear --no-warmup
# ...

# Remove the lock file
rm deploying.lock


use Mesavolt\FiveOhThree\LockGuard;

    'lock_path' => __DIR__.'/../estoy-deployin.lock',   // path to lock file
    'template' => __DIR__.'/res/deploying.html',        // path to custom template (can either be a PHP or HTML file)

    // when using the default template:
    'auto_refresh' => false,            // you can disable the auto-refresh...
    'auto_refresh_interval' => 30,      // ... or customize its interval
    'icon' => '',


# run this once when you clone the project
composer install

# run this before every test to make sure vendor/autoload.php exists and is up-to-date,
# especially if you changed some namespaces
composer dump-autoload 

# launch the test suite