A Silex framework demo tool logics

v3.2.0 2020-02-07 05:04 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-07 05:05:15 UTC


This is a demo of a Silex module that is being rendered inside the Melis Platform.


This module requires the following:

  • melisplatform/melis-cms-news
  • melisplatform/melis-platform-framework-silex

The required modules will be automatically installed when using composer.


composer require melisplatform/melis-platform-framework-silex-demo-tool-logic


In order to load and use a this provider, you must register this provider in the Silex application which is commonly located in /Silex/src/app.php

use MelisPlatformFrameworkSilex\Provider\MelisSilexDemoTooolLogicServiceProvider;

$app = new Silex\Application();

$app->register(new MelisSilexDemoTooolLogicServiceProvider());

Note : This provider has to be always registered first before the rest of silex providers.