Adds webshipper shipping to SilverShop.

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1.0.4 2018-12-04 14:35 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-21 19:30:45 UTC


Adds integration to Webshipper API.

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composer require "meldgaard/silvershop-webshipper"

After installing the module, rebuild the database and create your first Webshipper shipping method in the Shipping model admin


The module adds an extension to product which add a checkbox IsShippable. This checkbox decides if the orderItem should be synced to Webshipper. This means that youc an have products in the shop that can be bought but not synced to Webshipper. The standard setting of IsShippable is True, but can be set to false be extending the specific product class with DisableIsShippable.


In your CheckoutComponentConfig file you can setup a condition to only show shipping methods if one of the products has Shippable = true by encapsling the component like this:


The cart block on the checkoutpage should also be encapsuled in a div with class ordersummary, to make sure the order total gets updated when the shipping method changes.


To sync orders from Silvershop to Webshipper make sure you setup a cronjob to run SyncToWebshipper task and also the DeleteFromWebshipper task which deletes orders on Webshipper that has been cancelled by either the user or admin.