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laika-php is a PHP library that connects applications with the Laika feature flag service ( It is used for applications to know which flags are activated in the current environment and adapt to it.



"medigo/laika": "dev-master"

to composer.json and run

php composer.phar update

How to use

When using Laika you need to configure in your environment:

  • environment name - environment in which the code is being executed (e.g. "test" or "dev").
  • url - url for the API server.
  • username (optional) - username for the basic authentication.
  • password (optional) - password for the basic authentication.

Initialize the library and get all the features from the database

public function __construct($environment, $host, $username, $password)
    $this->client = new Laika($environment, $host, $username, $password);
    return $this->client;

Use the isEnabled() function to know whether the flag is activated or not in the current environment.

$myVar = 'the flag is disabled';
if ($laika->isEnabled('FLAG_NAME')) {
  $myVar = 'the flag is enabled';

Test the library


phpunit tests/LaikaTest.php

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2017 MEDIGO GmbH.

Laika is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.