The primary aim is to allow users to select a language and configure its support in an easy way. Main features are language selection, input methods and web fonts.

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== Universal Language Selector ==
The Universal Language Selector extension (ULS) provides a flexible way to
configure and deliver language settings like interface language, fonts, and
input methods (keyboard mappings). This will allow users to type text in
different languages not directly supported by their keyboard, read content in a
script for which fonts are not available locally, or customise the language in
which menus are displayed.

For more information see:

== Copying ==
You may use any Project Milkshake product, including the Universal Language
Selector, under the terms of either the MIT License or the GNU General Public
License (GPL) Version 2 or later.

See GPL-LICENSE and MIT-LICENSE for details.

== Installation ==
For a very, very quick start add the following lines to LocalSettings.php of
your MediaWiki setup:

wfLoadExtension( 'UniversalLanguageSelector' );

By default, ULS will appear at personal toolbar position. If you want ULS at
interlanguage position, add the following line:

$wgULSPosition = 'interlanguage';

== Developers ==
The MediaWiki Universal Language Selector project uses jquery.uls:

Its development is at Wikimedia Github account. Any fixes to lib/ should happen
at Github. Follow the build instructions of jquery.uls to create jquery.uls.js.

Bugs for the extension are handled in Phabricator: