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reCaptcha extension that simply integrate google new reCaptcha into Mediawiki.

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The recommended way to install the reCaptcha extension is with Composer using MediaWiki 1.22 built-in support for Composer. MediaWiki versions prior to 1.22 can use Composer via the Extension Installer extension.

Step 1

If you have previously installed Composer skip to step 2.

To install Composer:

Step 2

Now using Composer, install reCaptcha.

If you do not have a composer.json file yet, copy the composer-example.json file to composer.json. If you are using the ExtensionInstaller, the file to copy will be named example.json, rather than composer-example.json. When this is done, run:

php composer.phar require mediawiki/recaptcha "@dev"
Verify installation success

Go to Special:Version and see if "reCaptcha" is listed there. If it is, you successfully installed it!


If you do not have any reCaptcha keys, you should go to reCaptcha site and receive own keys for your domain name. After this step, you should open LocalSettings.php file in your Mediawiki installation directory and add few lines to bottom of file:

$wgReCaptchaKey = 'your-recaptcha-key';
$wgReCaptchaSecret = 'your-recaptcha-secret';

Where your-recaptcha-key and your-recaptcha-secret should be replaced with your actual values.


Navigate to account creation page (you should be logged-out from your account), you should see reCaptcha there. Also, this extension will ask users to fill captcha on page edit, if user did not confirmed email address yet.

Release notes

0.1 (under development)

  • Initial release