A skin for mediawiki

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A skin for MediaWiki

The original author of the skin was

Compatible with MediaWiki 1.29+.

If you would like compatibility with older releases of MediaWiki, download the appropriate version for your MediaWiki from one of the URLs below:






Live demo

This is an old demo.

A working demo of the skin is available at . This is currently using MediaWiki 1.26 and a snapshot of the test branch of the skin.

On-wiki documentation

Please visit where the documentation is now located.

Mobile design

Mobile design now included in the latest release for MediaWiki 1.21+. To get mobile design please download Metrolook release 0.2.0, 0.3.10, 1.4, 2.5 or 3.0 beta 16 or higher.

Please report any and all bugs, issues and other feedback via the bug tracker (see below).


Bugs and issues should be reported on the MediaWiki Phabricator or GitHub. It is strongly recommended that you use Phabricator to report bugs and submit feedback, as more developers will see the report and are able to act on it.

Phabricator is located at:

If, for some reason, you are unable to unwilling to use Phabricator, you can submit your bug on GitHub, but it is likely to receive less attention there than on Phabricator.

The GitHub bug reporting URL is:

It is recommended that you spend a while reading the documentation and searching the archived discussions before posting a question - it is possible that someone has experienced the same issue with this software that you are experiencing currently.

Known Issues

See for a list of currently open bugs.

MediaWiki versions we no longer support

  • MediaWiki 1.26 or lower is now unsupported.


7.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.29.

6.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.28.

5.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.27.

4.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.26.

3.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.25.

2.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.24.

1.x.x requires MediaWiki 1.23.

0.3.x requires MediaWiki 1.22.

0.2.x requires MediaWiki 1.21.