A MediaWiki extension for importing and exporting data in CSV and XML formats.

1.6 2024-01-26 15:30 UTC


== About ==

Data Transfer is an extension to MediaWiki that both exports data,
based on the current contents of pages in a wiki; and imports pages.
In both cases, it uses template calls, and the fields within them,
to define the data structure.

The export is done in XML format, while the import can be done in
either XML, CSV or spreadsheet (.xls, .ods etc.) formats.

For the export, any text that is not within a template call gets
placed into one or more "free text" fields.

For more information on Data Transfer, see the extension
homepage at

Notes on installing Data Transfer can be found in the file INSTALL.

== Credits ==

Data Transfer was mostly written by Yaron Koren. The spreadsheet import
functionality was written by Stephan Gambke.

The spreadsheet import functionality makes use of the PhpSpreadsheet
and/or PHPExcel libraries, if either is available.

== Contact ==

Comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports should be
sent to Yaron at